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Hey fellow college students! The new semester is here and many of us don't have the money to pay for it!

We're going to need student loans (if not this semester, next) and in order to get the right loan with the right interest rate we have to be educated- I mean on student loans!

Luckily, the Student Loan Ninjette has gathered together all the information you are seeking.

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Our college years can be very stressful. Trying to juggle classes, study, get homework in on time, develop your social life, sleep, work, fight pirates and participate in extracurricular activities (not to mention all the domestic chores such as shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry) is a pain in the -you know where-. However, the most stressful and agonizing aspect of college life is usually figuring out how to pay for it all (unless you're lucky enough to have a rich uncle). will help you get the information you need to find a student loan that is perfect for you! We also provide free information on other student finance options such as scholarships and grants.

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  • Student Loan Debt-
    We're gathering several articles convering various issues related to student loan debt. Click the link to see our list.

  • Student Loan Alternatives-
    An "alternative college loan," also known as a private college loan, is different than a federal student loan. Click the link to see if it's right for you.

  • Low-Interest Student Loans-
    Find out how to get the low interest college education loans you've been looking for. What are the qualifications for obtaining a low interest loan? Where can you find one? Is there a low-interest federal government loan?

  • Student Loan Consolidation-
    Great information on school loan consolidation. Student education loans can get out of hand sometimes, especially once you've graduated from college. Debt consolidation may or may not be the best option for you. Consolidation is when you compile all your student loans into one. Whether it's private loan consolidation or Stafford loan consolidation, read these articles to find out if student consolidation loans are right for you.

  • Stafford Student Loans-
    Stafford student loans are the most popular loans. Why? Check out our Stafford Student Loan information page to find out! And to check out information on other federal student loans.

  • Managing Student Debt-
    Awesome information that will help you successfully manage your student debt and reduce it as quickly as possible. Also, tips to help you make more and spend less!

  • Student Finance Options-
    Taking out a loan isn't your only option, and quite often it isn't the best choice for you. Scholarships and grants are great alternatives to taking out a loan because you don't have to pay them back. Visit our Student Finance Options page to explore finance options other than student loans.

  • Other College Information-
    Learning how to take out loans, find scholarships, and manage your debt are all great things that you ought to know while your in college. However, there are other important things that college students should know. Here are Other College Articles that explain a few of these important things.

Recent Student Loan Info

Sallie Mae helps 1.4 million customers avoid student loan default in 2008-2009 academic year, another 400,000 succeed by repaying loans in full

Despite the challenging economy and rapidly rising national unemployment, Sallie Mae and its guaranty agency partners helped a record 1.4 million customers resolve their past-due account status and avoid default on $22.8 billion of federal student loans last year. Another 400,000 Sallie Mae customers successfully managed their student loan investments by repaying their loans in full in the year ended June 30, 2009.

Effective loan default prevention benefits students who preserve their good credit; taxpayers who save billions of dollars; and higher education institutions who retain eligibility for federal financial aid for students.

The severe and lasting impacts of loan default include damage to the customer’s credit, the prospect of wage garnishment, the seizure of income tax refunds and federal benefit payments, the loss of eligibility for additional federal student aid, the denial or loss of professional licenses, the possibility of civil litigation and the possibility of being denied other forms of consumer credit for years to come.

Mary Gilbert was one of Sallie Mae’s customers who successfully paid in full last year, making her final student loan payment in January 2009. A 2005 graduate of Mississippi’s Meridian Community College with a degree in nursing, Ms. Gilbert experienced a series of personal and financial setbacks during her repayment period, including job loss and family medical issues, and avoided default by setting up a temporary payment relief plan.

“They were wonderful. They worked with me to set up a payment arrangement so that I was able to get back on track, which is what I wanted all along,” said Ms. Gilbert about Sallie Mae’s default prevention specialists. “People don’t realize that defaulting on a student loan is something that follows you for a long time.” Today, Ms. Gilbert is employed by a large hospital in Houston and uses her student loan repayment experience as valuable learning lesson for her three young daughters.

Beginning today, Sallie Mae has a new default prevention tool to assist federal student loan customers experiencing financial difficulty. The new income-based repayment option, or IBR, was authorized by federal law and allows eligible customers to cap their monthly bill at 15 percent of discretionary income. More information about IBR, including an eligibility worksheet and a repayment calculator are available from Sallie Mae at

Separately, Congress is considering structural changes to the federal student loan programs. The company continues to advocate for enhancements to the Administration’s proposal that would have service providers compete to provide quality service to students not only in loan servicing, but also in loan origination, and would enhance default prevention success by requiring servicers to share in the risk of loan default.

Martha Holler