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Student Finance Options

FREE MONEY!! The best student finance options are Government Grant Money and Scholarships. We consider these to be the best because it's FREE MONEY that you aren't required to pay back. Consequently, the chances of you becoming drowned in an ocean of debt are greatly reduced. Here's another great article about student finance options: What Choices Do I Have When it Comes to Financing College?

These three articles will teach you how to bring an abundance of wealth into your life-- before you graduate: One great student finance option is to get a job! BookWise Could Be the Perfect Job for college students because it's a work-from-home business opportunity that comes with incredible benefits. Check it out!

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Student Finance Options

If you're a college or pre college student, please don't believe for one second that loans are the only form of college financing! If you are in need of financial help there are more suitable methods to get it than taking out a student loan. Loans are hard to repay because of the ever-increasing interest that comes with them. Rather than take out a student loan, try a scholarship or grant instead!

The amazing thing about scholarships and grants is that they never have to be paid back. However, you must set aside some time to search and apply for them.

Scholarships can be found just about everywhere. Many organizations and businesses such as the Lions Club, Optimist, Chamber of Commerce and the Girls & Boys Club give scholarships to college students. There are military, church, and union scholarships as well.

The internet is great resource for finding scholarships. Simply search for scholarships on your favorite search engine.

Many of the scholarships you find will require an essay to be written. Dont worry about this and definitely don't quit! Find one that suites you well and then sit down and begin typing. Before you send it in, make sure that you have a friend edit it.

You may also want to check the college you will be applying for. Generally they will give scholarships to those with high Grade Point Averages or ACT scores. Colleges usually give out scholarships for athletic abilities also.

If you are still in high school, ask the Financial Aid office about scholarships. Asking your counselor is also a great idea since he or she will know know your needs better.

The most important thing you need to do is to begin right now. Start looking around and asking around for scholarships.

Grants, just like scholarships, never have to be repaid. They are given depending on the financial need, race, association, or special interest of the student. You can apply for grants through private groups, educational institutions, and the federal government.

Grants from the government are given based solely on the financial state of the student. In order to apply for one you must go to and fill out an application or you can pick up an application from your high school or college financial aid office. Depending on which one you use, your Student Aid Report will be sent to you in approximately 3-6 weeks.